Tuesday, June 19, 2012

нощен париж

the seine is on fire
reflecting our fire-like dreams
of tomorrows with eiffel towers
and metro stations

we're not quite here right now
as we're with our fire-like questions of life
our cold hands tight around the wine bottle
as everything fades at the very last night

people are passing through our inner spaces
leaving marks on our souls
as our feet splashes in the rain puddles on champs-elysees

nothing is quite as perfect as our false expectations
except our dreams of the future to be
as the wind blows over the river
it's just us and our absolution
hoping to see twice everything there is to see

the seine is on fire
calling us like moths to the light
revealing our simple desire
of being free inside our minds

so when we leave with the dawn
maybe we will be crying unseen
as our secret desire's
to be that fire over the water
carried away with the wind

23:55               16.06.2012                paris

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