Thursday, April 25, 2013

i want to go eat octopus in valletta
but not today
maybe tomorrow
it may be windy and they may cancel the ferry letting its blue body dance with the waves in the middle of the bay

give me the binoculars
from your little balcony i can see the old city across the bay and the little restaurant beneath the walls just near the water
if i look hard enough i think i could tell what the people on the nearest table are having for lunch
it's the same restaurant we ate at that first afternoon
when it started raining and as large raindrops were falling in our wine we were laughing at the waiter trying to save the menu board

with the binoculars give me a cigarette
i'm gonna stay here for a while
feeling the sun on my face i will try to figure out what are the people sitting at the cafe downstairs saying
i can see the color of their eyes but they'd never look up and see me
next door is the sliema burger king and i can't stop remembering writing down that address in my little travel notebook
just another awesome stranger
but apparently not quite

i can feel your steps behind me
even when i turn around i can still see the yachts anchored in the bay reflecting in the glass behind you
and i can see me reflecting in your blue eyes
tomorrow we are going to take the ferry and eat in valletta
but today i'm not moving from that little balcony
today is all about sitting in the sun and holding you
my lovely stranger

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