Monday, April 22, 2013

even closer

i see the lights of my city reflecting in your eyes and my two worlds collide
it's funny how close fate has brought us - two strangers from the opposite sides of the earth, meeting somewhere in the middle
these days all my thoughts are in english
i realize how much and how little i know it
thank god you love my accent
we talk for hours over bad wine, analyzing and defining the word smitten
you don't have to tell me how desperately in love you are - i see it every time you look at me
and as you lay trembling in my arms and i kiss your wet eyelashes, i can't help but love you too
as the strong man you are, you're so beautiful in your weakness
say i am a pervert for being with you but what i feel is the only truth
i can feel my naivety infecting you, my faith flowing through my fingertips into your atheist heart
and the ancient healer in me wants to sooth your pain and mend your dreamer soul with the power you've given her

and maybe you're right - in the end the numbers in our passports will draw the line they're supposed to and love won't be enough to hold the spaces in between
but now, right now, this feels right
and i'll keep it safe
in me
for me
from me

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