Monday, April 30, 2018

...and find a brand new way of seeing...

right now
i remember the days
following our one-night stand
caugh up in our unintentional surrender to each other
how stupid i must had been to believe
i wouldn't fall for somebody so perfect
i remember the first time i noticed how incredibly beautiful your hands were
while you were holding a beer can
while we were sitting on the ground the night we met
and i'm just amazed how life works
the clock is ticking
counting away from the moment our fingers locked together
and we got locked up forever
our friend the lord of the skies
says it's worse than lottery
in lottery at least someone wins for certain
in love nobody really does
i told him it's a risk i'm willing to take with you
if we lose, then everyone does
if we can't make it, then nobody can
we're the only ones standing a chance against the odds
real love doesn't need to be fought for
it doesn't demand sacrifices and it doesn't cause wars
it just is
as simple as that

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