Thursday, September 13, 2018

european autumn

there is something
something in this city reminds me of home and takes me back to my childhood
maybe it's the cool september
the fallen leaves and chestnuts on the sidewalks
maybe it's the people - they're never in a hurry
maybe it's the pigeons

maybe it's the silence
it's been a really long time since i've lived in such silence

a memory haunts me these days
waking up from a late nap to the the smell of meatballs
the room is dark and i am alone but light and voices are coming from the kitchen
i get out of bed and it's chilly but the kitchen is warm and blinding bright
and the windows are misty from the heat and it smells like meatballs and fries
the whole flat does
that's what home smells like for me
now i'm frying falafel but it smells like home
and it's silent, so silent outside
but voices in the kitchen

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