Friday, April 27, 2012

след толкова години Поетите отново/все още пеят за всичко, което ми е в главата и в сърцето

I'm just looking to live to learn how to live 
Slowly starting to see it's me I will need to forgive
Cos it seems like I'm stuck here between
What I know and what I cannot know now
With too many choices of which way to go
Insight's a no show

I don't need a miracle, I'm much more predictable
I just need you to show me this life
And if you ain't too critical, we could be something beautiful
I just need you to show me this life
Take me home tonight

Just a fantasy away, your naked love laid next to me

I thought I'd see it for myself
But this life ain't, it ain't for me alone 
And here I thought I could keep it for myself
But you can slice the light right off my sun
With your razorblade caress of love

играя си на опасни игри и не знам дали няма да съжалявам за глупавите чувства, които си позволявам от скука

надеждата е кучка

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