Sunday, February 21, 2016

....she got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends

i don't fall in love with my men
i fall in love with their hands
with their bracelets
with their colors
with their eyes watching the road ahead
i think i've found a new way to love
i've found a new way to embrace
it took me so long to find the passion i feel in my dreams
but now i have
these days i've fallen in love so many times
but managed to stay free in my mind
life is beautiful
and it gets better
i promise
there are so many people to love out there
so many colors
i look in your eyes and see explosions
no expectations
we share our colors
and i can feel myself change
and learn
and i love all of you
i fall in love with every single one of you
i want to spend a lifetime with every single one of you
and i actually do
spend a lifetime
in the split second when our eyes meet
and then

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