Monday, April 18, 2016

there is this huge colorful storm in my head
i'm spinning in the middle and
after a while everything reminds me of everything
and everyone looks like everyone
your hands are his hands
and you are holding your cigarette exactly the same way he does
everybody is a deja-vu
this room is a copy of another one a thousand kilometers from here
and this very minute is a copy of another one lived months ago
and another one lived years ago
the second you put your beer down i can see
a hundred people putting their beer down in my memories
i've listened to this song so many times but i don't know when and where
everything is a deja-vu
you laugh exactly like someone else once did but i don't remember who
your perfume smells familiar
and when i close my eyes i am not sure who i am kissing
or who is kissing you
yes, after a while i stop seeing them and i see only
but do i really?

i realized i don't realize
how dangerously i play with my feelings
living so fast i can feel the g-force
loving on a tightrope
where less is not enough so i stretch it higher and higher up in the sky
if i step down i die
if i fall i die
i feel i am getting closer
so i close my eyes and
not really knowing how far the ground is
i rush for the high
in my color tornado
my head spinning
spinning faster

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