Saturday, March 26, 2016


it all started that night we slept among tea fields
at the end of the world
and at the end of our senses
freezing under moist blankets in front of the fire
i wasn't impressed the first time i saw you
you weren't a maybe
till you were
till i dreamt about loving you that night
and woke up to your smile all different
i get high on your philosophies
the only lost wars i can not get over are the ones i still believe are not wars
there is an exact moment i realize
life is all exaggerations
of our own private realities
at that moment i am not afraid of exaggerating you
right now there is no magic greater than your honey eyes watching the road
we are a monologue inside my head
and who is to say we are not real
i've been looking for someone who is exactly like me
but then they would be an unpredictable unreliable liar
i love the way you don't love me
i want us to be free before anything
i don't need you to need me
i just want to swim in your hair
and to get lost between your eyelashes
the only times i am afraid of loving you
is when i am afraid of losing you
is when i am afraid of losing myself
falling in love after all is 'falling' and i can't afford losing control
slipping is a death sentence when my heart stands on a balance scale

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