Wednesday, February 24, 2016

there was nowhere to go but everywhere

i'm forever fascinated by the road ahead
you say life is an exam, a purgatory
but you can't possibly convince me
that heaven has anything to offer more beautiful than what i have here
you say earthly emotions are sinful
but you can't possibly convince me
that there is anything more sacred than what i feel with my five senses
i am embracing the sky as my back touches the asphalt
and i become one with the black road and the wind
the rain is cold but i'm not afraid
i'm nothing but excited to embrace it too
to feel it run down my skin
i can't help to throw my arms in the air
and sing, yell, laugh
i only take what the world has to offer and pray
i pray by laughing, crying, running, eating, drinking, making love
that's my way of talking to god and it's sacred
you say: be moderate
i say: be mad!
demand life
dig the happiness from inside the earth, from inside yourself, pull it out and wear it proudly on your shoulders
don't be moderate
i'm forever fascinated by the unknown, by the spontaneity of life
it's all a big beautiful dream and you don't have to have it all planned
just embrace the road
and don't yawn
never yawn

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